A new approach to developing potential

It needs truly unconventional thinking to unfold hidden potential in corporations, employees and the self.

„The step to make music offers incredible potential. It’s an amazing way to see oneself and life.”
Matthias Jackel

andante communications GmbH utilizes rhythm, music and the power of making music together. We combine these elements with modern seminars, workshops and creative sessions to develop a novel form of Mindful Leadership and consciousness that enables access to hidden potentials

We have learned in thousands of events how musical interaction moves people into a community. We’ve gathered the reasons why cooperating in this music playfield works so well and what the 3 essentials are that make enterprises successful. We have supplemented this by the 3 essentials to be developed by the human being to make personal happiness and business success mutually work together. We see the coexistence of enterprise and employee development as a mandatory strategy for lasting business success and a new work environment. This includes a conscious dealing with intangible assets. For that we need to understand that the spirit of a company is a “spirit”-ual issue. Spirituality means nothing else but: "I can't touch it, but it definitely effects me." That is the starting point of our approach: To make intangible effects noticeable with all senses.

andante communications provide an active role and experience to the participants from which they can gain inspiration and insight. This positions our clients to deal with challenging change and development processes at unparalleled efficiency.

The experience and entertainment elements of andante communications are based upon the comprehensive know-how of Drum Cafe, the pioneer and world leader for interactive drumming events.